Alexander Kofinas

Dear Dr. Kofinas,

When I was examined by ultrasound in the New York University Hospital, my baby was 22 weeks gestational age. I was told that in spite of the stitch I had put in, the baby’s membranes were bulging into the vagina. I was told that there was absolutely no way to save the baby at this point.

When I heard the terrible diagnosis I was totally devastated. I cried to G-D and pleaded with Him to save our baby. I told Him that just as He created the entire world and everything in it and just as He created us human beings and makes us all function in such wondrous ways-He could surely perform a miracle for us if He only wanted to. I begged Him to help me carry the baby through the pregnancy despite all the odds against us; and to help me give birth to a healthy baby.

We did not know which doctor to turn to. We did not know which doctor would be prepared to try to save the baby at this point- at the risk of perhaps not succeeding-G-D forbid.

My doctor recommended you; Dr. Kofinas. From the first moment on, you gave us hope; by telling us the story of the patient you had with the amniotic sac between her legs! Her baby eventually made it. This gave us tremendous hope!

Dr. Kofinas, Thanks so so so so so so so much for agreeing to be G-D’s messenger. Thanks so much for doing your best to try to save our baby. Thanks so much for your endless commitment to preserving my pregnancy. Thanks so much for your patience and thorough examinations. Thanks so much for giving up so much time to deal with all those hospital personnel who wanted me out earlier, for giving up so much time on all the numerous paperwork involved in my case.

Thank you for the great care you gave me. Thank you for helping us get the most beautiful gift in the world- a full term, healthy baby girl!

Please tell our story to the other couples. Tell them that it is all worth it; the cerclage, the ten and half weeks on bedrest, the medications, the exams and everything else. Tell them to pray to G-D and do their best. At the end, when the baby comes and it’s a healthy child with a whole life and future ahead-it is very, very well worth it!

Thank you Dr. Kofinas for everything, plus for being such a kind and understanding person too! There are numerous medical specialists who are competent but their personalities are not very wonderful…… Thanks for having the wonderful combination of being a great doctor and great person!

Please thank your excellent and kind staff from us too. It makes a huge difference to be treated by people who act so decently!

Most Sincerely,