I'm Ready


You’ve been fielding questions about when you’ll have a baby and fought back the eye rolls.

You’ve read all the articles and have gotten all of the advice from everyone in your life (whether you wanted it or not).

You’ve swapped birth control for prenatal vitamins with the right amount of folic acid and even given up happy hours and coffee runs.

You’ve downloaded all of the apps and have an alert set for your ovulation.

It hasn’t happened…yet?


Dr. Alex KofinasWelcome, I’m so glad you’re here!

I know all too well what you may be experiencing right now.  I've been helping patients like you for all my professional life. It is such an exciting time if you are ready to get pregnant!

You are probably dreaming about life with your new baby to come.

Learning about what you must do to maintain your egg quality and increase your chances of success with a natural conception is a great place to start.

That is where I can help you now: age is the most significant factor in ovarian function and egg quality. Your ability to have a baby declines significantly after the age of 35. Please know that worrying about it is not going to help you.

Eliminate stress as much as possible, maintain a level head, live a healthy lifestyle, and give yourself six to twelve months of well-timed relations around ovulation to get started.

Along with that, you must make sure your reproductive system is working well, and this is something your doctor must assure you of. Conception requires a balanced mind-body collaboration.

You will soon achieve your goal if you rule out fundamental fertility issues and keep your mind and body in sync. Many of my patients did.

Trust me; you can do it too!


First of all, be calm–trust me. Stress sabotages your bodyʼs ability to get pregnant. Easier said than done? I know. To alleviate your fears and eliminate any potential factors that might make it take a little longer than expected, you should visit your physician and ask these questions:

  • Is my body and mind in a healthy balance?
  • Are my ovaries producing enough eggs and of good quality?
  • What is the quality of the semen of my partner? Is there oxidative stress and DNA fragmentation?
  • Is my uterus normal, and are my fallopian tubes open?

Selfcare is key


Preparing your body for what is about to happen is critical. You’ve probably adjusted your diet and routine, but what more could you be doing? Your body goes into overdrive, preparing for your bundle of joy.

Within days of conception, your body starts creating critical structures to support the babyʼs growth and development.

“As soon as the implantations starts, the placenta starts developing also; a healthy placenta will secure a
healthy pregnancy, a healthy newborn, and a healthy adult. Yes, your
placenta defines the health of your baby all the way to late life.”

Here is what you can do to prepare
your body for conception and development



Get a Wellness Check-up with a Complete Blood Workup. A healthy body is a key to a healthy pregnancy! Assess blood count, vitamin D3 blood level, ANA (anti-nuclear antibodies) test, complete fasting metabolic profile, and thyroid profile to assure that basic hematologic, immune, and metabolic functions are normal.



Reduce or even eliminate red and processed meats and increase the number of fruits and vegetables, legumes of various kinds, raw walnuts and almonds, wild small fish or a high-quality fish oil, avoid all processed foods, choose organic produce when possible, and use only extra virgin olive oil for your cooking. Practice intermittent fasting and try to maintain a bodyweight that is healthy for you.



Exercise at least three times a week, take a prenatal vitamin with folic acid, sleep at least seven hours per night, and live your life normally. I know itʼs tempting but try not to think about conception — just try to have some fun around the days of your ovulation! And, yes, having red wine with dinner the days you try to conceive, might give a big boost to your chances of success!



If Anxiety Has Occupied Your Mind, Seek Professional Counseling. Therapists with experience in reproductive health are very helpful! Implement anxiety-reducing activities such as yoga, acupuncture, listening to your favorite music, take long walks in nature, meditate, and avoid all things that make you anxious. Easier said than done, sure, but Doctorʼs orders!


This truly should be a wonderful time for you and your partner! Since you are here, you are already taking steps to help you realize your dream of having a baby. Take care of yourself first, stay positive, and remember donʼt stress! Not now!

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