Semen abnormalities risk

You have an increased risk of male factor infertility. Here is what you need to know.

Male factor infertility affects an increasing number of couples, and it ranges from 10%-30% of couples with infertility. A partner’s age older than 40 is a risk factor for infertility. Men older than 40 are more likely to suffer from low testosterone levels which affect the number and quality of semen produced.

Being overweight or obese is frequently associated with metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and reduced sex hormones. Reduced sex hormones might affect the coital frequency and cause infertility; in addition, reduced sex hormones may cause poor-quality semen.

Metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance, usually undiagnosed, cause disturbances in the body’s metabolism and oxidative stress. Oxidative stress causes DNA fragmentation and structural DNA damage. Abnormal levels of DNA fragmentation cause infertility. Even though such couples can conceive by means of IVF, they are still at increased risk of early pregnancy loss. It is best for such couples to first identify the problem, treat it and then attempt pregnancy either naturally or by IVF.

Oxidative stress is the result of poor dietary habits, poor-quality foods with excessive ultra-processed foods, excess alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, vaping, illicit drugs, and abnormal body weight (overweight or obese). These factors can be corrected by avoiding harmful habits and reducing body weight. In addition, and what is more important is the use of a semen health supplement protocol designed by Dr. Kofinas to reverse oxidative stress and eliminate DNA fragmentation and restore normal semen DNA.

What can you do:

Your partner should be examined by his primary care doctor (PCP) and if needs to be referred to an andrology specialist to examine his sperm. Dr. Kofinas advises his patients to reduce alcohol, stop smoking or vaping, adapting a healthy Mediterranean diet, consider intermittent fasting for at least 14-16 hours a day and take semen health diets. This protocol corrects the semen problems in three to six months and our patients subsequently proceed to healthy pregnancies. If you wish, you may call our office and request our customized semen health supplements; Dr. Kofinas will then place an order so you can start the treatment.