Alexander Kofinas

I finally have a moment to sit and compose this letter of gratitude that I have recited in my head for what feels like forever. After suffering 2 miscarriages and a horrible pregnancy with my first son, I was overjoyed when I became pregnant again. Immediately, my joy turned into sadness when I began bleeding. I was positive I was losing another baby. At this point I had no OB/GYN, and felt alone and hopeless. Lying in bed one night, I suddenly remembered that I was given your name and number during my pregnancy with my first son. I knew I had to meet you. With nowhere else to turn, I called your Garden City office in the hopes of scheduling an appointment to uncover why I was losing another pregnancy. I spoke with Stacy first, and then was transferred over to Christine. From that moment on, I knew I was in great hands. Christine spent close to an hour on the phone with me obtaining my history, etc. Within an hour, I had an abundance of literature pertaining to thrombophilia, and most importantly some hope. Christine and Stacy were so caring, warm and professional. Christine arranged for me to have labs done the very next day. I met you 2 days later and the rest of my journey is history….

My second son was born. As you always reassured me, he is healthy and beautiful. He has brought so much joy to our entire family. Thanks to you, the miscarriage I once mourned I now the life that I celebrate. I will never fully be able to communicate to you how truly thankful I am for you. You saved my baby. You never judged me. You are an outstanding physician, and a wonderful person. You outshine every other doctor with not only your brilliance and expertise, but with your compassion and love for our patients and their babies. You gave my older son the sibling I always wanted him to have. I think of you everyday, and as my younger son grows I will tell him about the wonderful man who saved his life. I have truly been blessed. I will never forget you, Dr. Kofinas